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Head on over to the and have a look at another masterpiece in the making. I think smaller is better when it comes to Gehry’s Vision.

Which is why I like this first phase construction shot even more than what the finished building will look like….


Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 9.19.37 PM






Check out the new sculpture of Benedetto Bufalino. Reminds me of something that we would see in a Road Runner cartoon…

“In keeping with the theme of his humorous urban interventions, french artist Benedetto Fufalino has sent a residential caravan soaring into the sky. ‘la caravane dans le ciel’ is a mobile trailer situated atop a sky jack that slowly moves upwards towards the clouds. towering over trees and building-tops, the hybrid habitat is gradually lifted into the air and at night, the mysterious illusion lights up the sky with its illuminated interior windows”.

via Design Boom

Nice interview with Hiroshi Sugimoto about how he works and more importantly thinks about photography and especially time and memory.

The  famous “Walkie Talkie” building in London designed by Rafael Viñoly is being blamed for melting a parked jaguar. Apparently the intensely concave mirrored building was not tested for the obvious ability of creating a solar death ray (by concentrating the suns rays on small areas below).  Londoners call it the “Walkie Scorchie” phenomenon.  Apparently this is not the first building by the architect that has produced this effect. He has another in Las Vegas that managed to melt all the pool furniture on a hotel terrace.