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All you need to know about every different photographic process before digital can now be found in this labor of love titled, The Atlas of Analytical Signatures of Photographic Processes. There is a reason they call it an Atlas…  Brought to you by the very smart folks at the Getty Conservation Institute.

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The Atlas of Photographic Processes

Martin Kollar was invited to Israel to make some pictures. What he came back with is so unique and so uniquely Martin Kollar that you really can’t see the world any other way except through his eyes. This is the mark of all great photographers. Mr. Kollar has a photographic vision that is both absurd, surreal and brutally honest. His book Field Trip is published by Mack Books.

“Some of the places I had the impression that I was on a film set, and I tried to bring this to the images. You don’t really know when the reality and the fiction somehow stops and starts.”