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ASMP takes a hard look at Instagram

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Excellent overview at Spread Effect on Matt Cutts talk. If you have a web site and don’t know who Matt Cutts is, or what the heck SEO, or Link Building is, you better pay attention as when he speaks from his office at Google the entire web stops, looks and listens.

“This contest, which is targeted at students and emerging photographers, appears to be an effort to secure thousands of free images for unlimited use in publications and in advertising. For this reason, we believe this contest exploits photographers, and we strongly caution everyone to carefully review and understand all the terms and conditions along with the rights they are surrendering before entering any competition.”

via Photo Contest Warning! | Photo Attorney

Please email the panelist at links below and demand to know why they are involved in this mass rip-off of copyright!

Tomas Maier, Creative Director, Bottega Veneta; Ivan Shaw, Photography Director, Vogue; Linda Evangelista, Supermodel; Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele, Fashion Editor & Stylist; Collier Schorr, Photographer; Pat McGrath, Makeup Artist; Andrew Bolton, Curator, Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Craig McDean, Photographer; Doug Lloyd, Creative Director, Lloyd & Co; Guido Palau, Hair stylist; Yossi Milo, Gallerist and Jimmy Moffat, Founding Partner, Art & Commerce.

via Vogue

Want to do something about this?

2 judges have Facebook pages you can post to:

Email links:

Message Example:

To All,

Regarding the Vogue Photo contest you or your representatives are judging or promoting . It might be a good idea to distance yourself from this kind of exploitation.

I am sure you did not go into this knowing how bad it is for the young photographers who loose all copyright to their images and for the working pro’s as well (who would of been hired).

In my opinion all judges should step down or force Vogue to change the rules of the contest and allow all rights to remain in the hands of the artists. Until then this is a very ugly contest that only rewards big business at the expense of the young and talented.  Here is your chance to do good!

Sincerely mad as hell,

Your name here…

In case you have been living under a rock the web is all about sharing and crowd sourcing photography – but the web is awash in extreme low-level work of all kinds. The folks at Instagram competitor and the questionably named Hipstamatic are trying to carve out a network for elite photographers sharing their photos at the much better named; OGGL


Rare to see this high level of work in the world of banking and advertising…

Nadav Kander.