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A very interesting article about how current technology will eliminate the working methods of the individual pro photographer and change the game again. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer thinks we don’t need pro photographers anymore but she missed the point. It’s not that there are so many humans with camera’s – it’s the ability to place cameras everywhere we need, to get every viewpoint recorded, that now changes the game in a big way. Clayton Cubitt has decided we can forget about the Decisive Moment because we now live in the Constant Moment.


With the iPhone 5 camera module currently estimated to cost about $10/unit, and dropping like a rock with the inexorability of Moore’s Law, we can see how even an individual photographer might deploy hundreds of these micro-networked cameras for less than it costs to buy one current professional DSLR.

What might a photographer do with a grid of networked cameras like this, with their phone as the “viewfinder?” A street photographer could deploy them all over a neighborhood of interest, catching weeks worth of decisive moments to choose from at leisure.

A photojournalist could embed them all across a war zone, on both sides of the battle, to achieve a level of reality and objectivity never seen before. A sports photographer could blanket the stadium and capture every angle, for the entire game, even from each player’s perspective.

Clayton Cubitt  via The Decisive Moment is Dead. Long Live the Constant Moment.

The Golden Ratio or Golden Mean was first mentioned by Euclid and based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers and found all throughout nature. It is the secret proportion to all things. The God Equation if you will. It has been used in Art and Design since as far back as the pyramids. Why? Because everything looks great when you use it!  Today in the modern world it is rarely taught for some reason.  As the saying goes, “there is an app for everything” and now you can use this app on your Iphone to make a really well composed picture. If you like to draw and you have 8 minutes, listen to this guy who teaches you what you will need to know. Don’t like the Golden Mean? Try the Rule of Thirds.




***There is also a program that overlays the golden ration onto any program you work in: