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“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through narrow chinks of his cavern.” William Blake







Mathematical Drawing and the Infinite

With Anselm Kiefer now moving past 70 years old he seem to be even more consumed with time and the constant destruction and renewal of life itself. His production and energy seem to be at all time peak given what this wonderful video by Art Documentaries gives us. Not only do we get to finally see his incredible studios but also his humor, generosity and the power of what one can do with vast amounts of money coupled with extraordinary lines of thinking.

Here is a man who’s thoughts were once translated in paint, lead and straw are now expressed in his grand palace’s of the mind. Every artist who thinks they are an artist should view this film and start all over from the beginning – or just give up – as there is no one I can think of doing work on this scale of shear magnitude, raw talent and intellect.







Anselm Kiefer Documentary

As Arcade Fire’s Reflector Tour comes to a close at the end of August in Montreal lets take a moment to remember just how good they have been in concert.  This is probably everyone’s favorite version of Ready to Start (that you can not purchase) and could be just one of those songs that defines what rock should always strive to be

A lesson on how to make a live video if there ever was one, the video was released on August 20, 2010, directed by Charlie Lightening and filmed at the band’s July 7, 2010 concert at the Hackney Empire in London.








Arcade Fire Ready To Start

Gabriele Rothemann: Bird Cages 2009

video with sound, 6 min (looped)


Can an untrained person paint a Vermeer?

This is a wonderful and quirky film about a very smart inventor with a truly unique Johannes Vermeer obsession. Maybe one of the best documentaries concerning art and optics (and especially the way the lens and eventually photography has completely changed painting and drawing forever). David Hockney is consulted in this film because of his brilliant book Secret Knowledge which explores how optics changed painting forever (and thus dispelling most of the mythical “great painters” in art history).




Film Review: Tim’s Vermeer