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Kiefer-Rodin Exhibition

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Celebrating Rodin’s 100th year anniversary of his death… The Kiefer-Rodin Exhibition at the Barnes Museum might be one of the most important shows to come to Philly in years…

Exhibition: Philadelphia Photographers at Schmidt Dean Gallery

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Anyone in a Fine Arts program in the last 3 decades would eventually have came across the work of Barbara Kasten. Seeing her work for the first time taught me that a photograph could be so much more than just a document. Part performance, sculpture, still life and abstraction – her work blends varied traditions from multiple mediums. There are many who have explored photography this way but they all owe Kasten a nod for mining this territory so well and thoroughly.

This is the first retrospective of her work at ICA and not to be missed.


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Barbara Kasten: Stages is the first major survey of the work of artist Barbara Kasten. Widely recognized for her photographs, since the 1970s Kasten has developed her expansive practice through the lens of many different disciplines, including sculpture, painting, theater, textile, and installation. Spanning her nearly five-decade engagement with abstraction, light, and architectonic form, this exhibition situates Kasten’s practice within current conversations around sculpture and photography. Kasten’s interest in the interplay between three- and two-dimensional forms, her engagement with staging and the role of the prop, her cross-disciplinary process, and her new approaches to abstraction and materiality are all intensely relevant to the present artistic moment, resulting in a new generation of artists who have drawn inspiration from Kasten’s aesthetic and method.

Kasten’s work has roots in the unique and provocative intersection of Bauhaus-influenced pedagogy in the US, the California Light and Space movement, and postmodernism. Taking its cue from the multiple ways in which Kasten herself has staged her work, both in the studio and on site, the exhibition makes links between her more well-known photographic series of studio constructions and architectural interventions and her earliest fiber sculptures, mixed media works, cyanotype prints, and forays into set design. In addition, Kasten will create a new site-specific installation in the ICA galleries.

Organized by Alex Klein, the Dorothy and Stephen R. Weber (CHE’60) Program Curator. The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated publication that includes a biography of the artist, new scholarly essays by the curator as well as by art historians Alex Kitnick and Jenni Sorkin, and a conversation between Kasten and artist Liz Deschenes.


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Exhibition: Barbara Kasten at ICA

Not to late to catch this exhibition at Temple Contemporary


Stop Telling Women to Smile
Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

Stop Telling Women to Smile comes from Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s interviews with women about their street harassment experiences. Fazlalizadeh draws portraits of these women, adds text from their statements and experiences, and pastes them around the city in areas where harassment occurs. They serve as a way to talk back to street harassers in the spaces where the problem exists. This is part of our series on street harassment, which grew out of our Advisory Council‘s question “What makes us feel safe?” Stop Telling Women to Smile is on view at Temple Contemporary through January 31st.

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The Protests of Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

“Yosemite, CA,” 1995 © David Graham
David Graham understands the language of photography and is not only an artist at combining visual symbols and their connections but is a wonderful and ironic chronicler of all that is America. This is not his deserved retrospective but a unique exhibition where the idea is to pick one image from each year of his amazing output. What we get is a very pared down version that highlights mostly works that deserve a second look.  Always looking for the perfect moment that reminds us of our quintessential quirkiness, David’s pictures have given us plenty of surprises over the years. He is one of Philadelphia’s best and this should be a great show. More images from his exhibition at the 339 Gallery here.
“…His current exhibition, “Thirty-Five / 35 Pictures,” at the 339 Gallery in Philadelphia features one photograph from each year for the past 35 years. “The challenge for an exhibition that tries to summarize David Graham’s work is the very scope and scale that make it so exceptional. Where to begin? What to include? How to knit together this considerable photographic oeuvre in a coherent manner without resorting to an exhibition comprised of the best-known pictures? ‘Thirty-Five Years / 35 Pictures’ does feature well-known images, but we imposed the one-picture-per-year strategy to both gain control over the work and to force decisions that we might not typically make. And so it has; given that it’s a single picture from each year, many classic pictures had to be let go in favor of others that have received less attention over time. Sad as we were to lose some images, this approach has brought forward several outstanding and under-appreciated ones; it has also yielded interesting new relationships among pictures that have never found themselves near each other (either in exhibitions or books). Ultimately, we’ve tried to at least hint at the depth and breadth of this exceptional chronicle of America…”
Courtesy Gallery 339. “Thirty-Five / 35 Pictures” opens Friday, January 17 with an artist’s reception from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, and runs through March 15, 2014.



Exhibition: David Graham: Thiry-Five Years / 35 Pictures