“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through narrow chinks of his cavern.” William Blake



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Mathematical Drawing and the Infinite

I need more

more than what I can hear

what I can hold

more than what i can see

and what I can touch

I need more that i can feel

but not with my body

with my soul

i need something i can feel like i can feel the moon’s white light

like i can feel a passing stranger’s smile

like i can feel the ocean’s tide sinking deep into my being

and the leaves swaying as they fall from the trees and land gently on the ground

more is what life is

It’s what makes life worth it

to sit outside and to feel what is being said not by those around you

but by the energy and sensations that guide you to true feeling

and true meaning

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I need more than what I can hear

Rest In Peace

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Prince was promoting LGBT Movement in his music 30 years ago before it was even an acronym.. We lost a shining light and monumental (once in a 100 year) talent. Rest In Peace Prince





A must see retrospective exhibition by a remarkable and mercurial artist. A rare chance to see some of his best work.

“I can’t stand art actually. I’ve never, ever liked art.” So the artist David Hammons told the art historian Kellie Jones in a 1986 interview. Then why do you make it? Ms. Jones asked. Because, Mr. Hammons offered, art is about symbols and “outrageously magical things happen when you mess around with a symbol.” (via New York Times article).

David Hammons: Five Decades” runs through May 27 at Mnuchin Gallery, 45 East 78th Street, Manhattan; 212-861-7858, www.mnuchingallery­.com


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Exhibition: David Hammons Five Decades

Exhibition: Philadelphia Photographers at Schmidt Dean Gallery


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