If there was any artist who makes me think (musically) of a young David Byrne it’s this girl Merrill Garbus who is more musically talented than any human should be allowed to be… 



Music Break: tUnE-yArDs

Stacey Baker is a photo editor and writes for the NY Times blog The Sixth Floor. She also has a thing for legs. She has photographed over 300 of them for her project she calls Citilegs and they are endlessly astounding…..

There is also an interview with here at the Daily Mail here.

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 All photos ©Stacy Baker via http://citilegs.com


Stacy Baker: Citilegs

Can an untrained person paint a Vermeer?

This is a wonderful and quirky film about a very smart inventor with a truly unique Johannes Vermeer obsession. Maybe one of the best documentaries concerning art and optics (and especially the way the lens and eventually photography has completely changed painting and drawing forever). David Hockney is consulted in this film because of his brilliant book Secret Knowledge which explores how optics changed painting forever (and thus dispelling most of the mythical “great painters” in art history).




Film Review: Tim’s Vermeer

Most are familiar with the incredible photographic tableaux’s  of Joel Peter Witkin but until this exhibition I did not know there was an equally talented yet estranged twin brother named Jerome Witkin. Take a few minutes and soak in the exhibition of a unique moment in the history of art; Separated twin artists reunited for the first time over 70 years later.

(Check out the video….Very interesting to see how their work (which is equally visionary in many respects) compares and contrasts).

Las Meninas, 1987. Gelatin Silver Print, 30 x 40 inches  ©Joel-Peter Witkin & Courtesy of Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles

Las Meninas, 1987. Gelatin Silver Print, 30 x 40 inches
©Joel-Peter Witkin & Courtesy of Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles


Twin Visions: Jerome Witkin & Joel-Peter Witkin

An historic exhibition united two celebrated artists – identical twin brothers – Jerome Witkin & Joel-Peter Witkin

March 1, 2014 at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Los Angeles.

Jerome Witkin and Joel-Peter Witkin are acknowledged as two of the greatest contemporary artists in their respective genres. Jerome Witkin is a painter cited by critics and curators as the finest narrative contemporary artist. Joel-Peter Witkin is equally regarded as a master of his genre – a groundbreaking photographer famous for masterfully conjuring his uniquely surreal images. These identical twin brothers, artistically estranged, have enjoyed remarkable success during their respective careers spanning more than fifty years, have never exhibited together. Until now.

via Jack Rutberg Fine Arts


©Jerome Witkin THE GERMAN GIRL, 1997 Oil on Canvas Courtesy of Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles

©Jerome Witkin
Oil on Canvas
Courtesy of Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles



ICP has teemed up with Phonar Nation and the MacArthur Foundation’s Cities of Learning to provide 5 free courses in photography for anyone in the world.  The crowd-sourced classes thus far are:

  1. Looking for Light
  2. Seeing the Unseen
  3. Telling someone’s story
  4. Making Sense
  5. Moving Beyond Pictures

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Youth all over the world are being invited to help build Phonar Nation, the biggest photography storytelling class in history as a part of this year’s nationwide Cities of Learning initiative, supported by the MacArthur Foundation and powered by the Digital Youth Network and Badge Alliance.

Designed by award-winning photographer, National Teaching Fellow, and open education pioneer Jonathan Worth, Phonar Nation builds on his #Phonar (Photography and Narrative) class that was described in the European Parliament as “breaking new ground for photographers” and by Wired as “shaking up photo education”.

The Phonar Nation class is built on a mobile device, to be taught from a mobile device to a mobile user. Students learn to speak clearly with images and engage a connected audience. They learn to leverage and to be empowered by the network rather than feeling anonymised by it. Phonar Nation is more than photography; it is visual literacy and digital fluency for a connected 21st century.

Phonar Nation is presented in association with the University of California Humanities Research Institute, Digital Media and Learning Research Hub, Connected Learning Alliance, and Digital Youth Network. Phonar Nation’s partners also include World Press Photo in Amsterdam, OgilvyOne in Hong Kong and the International Center of Photography in New York, where the class will launch with the Phonar Nation Book-in-a-Box. The box features a uniquely curated selection of photography books and handmade journals, which, like a message in a bottle, will travel amongst selected Cities of Learning libraries, schools and community centers reifying the online Phonar Nation network as it goes.

Running concurrently with the Phonar Nation class, is the “Front Page” competition for the best youth stories.

Phonar Nation Photography classes are open to all for free.

via http://phonarnation.org/


ICP and the Worlds Biggest Free Photography Class