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Photography is a language and most important advances in the language/art of photography come from artists not photographers. ( See David Hockney for example)

Thomas Ruff is an exception to that rule. His entire career has been dedicated to challenging what we think a photograph is or could be.  His recent photograms were not photograms at all but computer generated works based on the idea of photograms. Both the objects and the light in Ruff’s photograms derive from a virtual darkroom built by a custom-made software program. He also did an entire series of images based on pixelated jpegs as well as a series of 3D and manipulated NASA Space images.

A survey of over 60 works are here.

A good interview about his photograms is here.






Born in 1975 in Bartoszyce, Poland and currently residing in Krakow, Franz Falckenhaus studied and graduated with a degree in Information Technology and Computer related Studies. Although he never had any formal training in the arts, Franz always had an interest in photography, film, and collage.
His collage works are always composed from selected vintage illustrations and images mixed with found paper materials. He skillfully combines self-made elements such as: backgrounds, shadows, and drawings with cleverly chosen photos to assemble them all together into art.
Franz’s style obviously shows recognition of his interest and passion with vintage aesthetics. His subject matter contains a sense of humor and a certain nostalgic feel as well. Being a self-taught collage artist, he sees things a little differently.

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Angelo Musco creates work so vast and complex it is almost impossible to describe visually via the web. Using thousands of willing naked people he creates vast and complex imagery that speaks to God, creation and the infinite. I don’t know of anyone working today that is attempting anything on this scale in photography. Preview of the film on his methods below gives you an idea of just how hard these images are to make.