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Most of the world’s greatest pictures were taken with this member of the legendary V-System.  All of my fine art images were shot on these classic all metal workhorses. Why?

  • Because you can switch out a film back for a digital back in about 1 min and it takes the sharpest medium format images on the planet.
  • Because the viewfinder could be looked at from a distance or up close, allowing you compose like no other 35mm camera.
  • Because all controls are on the camera (and not buried in some badly designed menu where you can never find the settings you are looking for. (See all 35mm DSLR’s for this wonderful design flaw).
  • Because the square format is loved by those who know you get both a vertical and horizontal crop without turning your camera sideways.
  • Because it can also shoot film which is still the best storage/capture medium of all time.
  • Because the camera and all the lenses were handmade by camera perfectionists.

Yet another sad day for top pro equipment… sigh…


via the Hasselblad Web site

Hasselblad 503CW to cease production

Very nice high-definition panorama…. (make sure to look down on the rover as well as up at the Martian Sun)



The Golden Ratio or Golden Mean was first mentioned by Euclid and based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers and found all throughout nature. It is the secret proportion to all things. The God Equation if you will. It has been used in Art and Design since as far back as the pyramids. Why? Because everything looks great when you use it!  Today in the modern world it is rarely taught for some reason.  As the saying goes, “there is an app for everything” and now you can use this app on your Iphone to make a really well composed picture. If you like to draw and you have 8 minutes, listen to this guy who teaches you what you will need to know. Don’t like the Golden Mean? Try the Rule of Thirds.