What Competing With Amazon Means To Your Art Gallery

July 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

Amazon is actually moving into your territory in a big way and this is a very big wake up call for small galleries. It’s all about the user experience online now, its all about eyeballs on your art, its all about distribution networks.

If Amazon is getting into the game you know they spent millions studying it and they see an opportunity here. Should you jump in with Amazon? Hell no… This is a wait an see moment as Amazon is the Wall-mart of the Internet and their site is terrible at showcasing anything. They make it easy to buy. They are very bad at creating a good way to look or find art. ( see ArtSpace  and Artnet as they are the best at it and they only work with galleries – which is the way to go.  SaatchiOnline has an interesting site as well.

What this means from a business perspective is galleries will need to align themselves with one of these online giants or perish. You think I am wrong? I wish… I have vast experience in this online take over game. This same thing happened in the stock photo industry a few years ago (now decimated), The same thing happened in the music industry with Itunes  and now it’s happening to your industry. Why is this going to effect your bottom line? Because giant corporations don’t care about you. They just want a piece of the sale and if they don’t get a piece of your sale they could care less. It’s a numbers game to them. They will make up for it in volume.

If I owned a gallery I would sign up as a user with the big online Art Gallery sites and see which one fits and which one feels right. But the days of the single gallery online are over boys and girls. You have to be with an online group and where the eyeballs are and these big sites will be where people go whether you like it or not.

Think about it; If a small site like Artspace has 200,000 members that’s a boat load of art buying eyeballs. When Amazon gets into the game its going to change the game immediately.  Lots of food for thought in this NYTimes article but the main point is when the 800-pound gorilla gets into your house you better pay attention. They make Getty look like small potatoes and Getty destroyed the mom and pop stock industry and more importantly the price of images plummeted once they got into the game.

New York Times Article Here

Survey which found Online art buying soars as almost three-quarters of collectors go online here

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