Take a Tour of a James Turrell Sky Space

June 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

Working with ambient light his entire career James Turrell is probably our greatest living artist.  He has built versions of these Sky Spaces all over the world (mostly to fund his colossal life’s work, The Roden Crater Project). Most are in private hands and built by multimillionaires but each is unique. Here is a rare glimpse of what one looks like inside.

This Twilight Epiphany Sky Space was just built at Rice University and one of the few public ones you can visit. You can see how it incorporates much of what Turrell has learned making the Roden Crater Project. The video is a marketing piece and has way toooooo much talking b ut there are excellent moments (when everyone shuts up) and you can see the work for what it is – pure genius.