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Labeled as,  “America’s finest museum of medical history,” The Mütter Museum rises above all the rest when it comes to the funny and bizarre. Lots of very strange teratological photos, sculptures and things floating dreamlike in large glass jars, which shock and amuse. World famous animators, The Brothers Quay made a documentary about this creepy place.  A video of some of the more bizarre things from the collection is here. (The Museum has their own channel on YouTube with over 194 videos!)

Can’t make it to Philly? No problem you can buy the book, photographed by many famous artists, here.


David Wilson created an entire museum based on the wonder-cabinets of the Victorian era (and the much cooler parent of what we now know as our museums of natural history). But more lurks here besides the exhibits housing pronged ants, horned humans or a landscape carved on a fruit pit; For David is an artist and this LA museum is his “artwork”. There is even a book on this place, Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder: Pronged Ants, Horned Humans, Mice on Toast, and Other Marvels of Jurassic Technology, by the always interesting Lawrence Weschler. A highly recommended read.