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Hasan Elahi is a very well known artist who was mistakenly labeled a terrorist (probably because he had brown skin and the name Hasan). He turned the tables on the FBI and the nightmare they put him through into art. He also reminds us that we are accepting the loss of our privacy in ever increasing amounts day to day, year to year.

I highly recommend this TED Radio Hour piece on privacy.

About Hasan Elahi

If the Feds come after you, you have options: panic, resist or — if you’re interdisciplinary American artist Hasan Elahi — flood them with information. In 2002, Elahi was detained because he was suspected of hoarding explosives in a Florida locker. Even though lie detector tests cleared him, Elahi was subjected to six months of questioning.

He decided to turn the tables by constantly calling and emailing the FBI to notify them of his whereabouts. But the effort grew into an including posting minute-by-minute photos and his location through. Elahi is an associate professor of art at the University of Maryland and he has exhibited at Venice Biennale, the Centre Pompidou, and the Hermitage.

via NPR and TED : The End of Privacy

The New York Post ran this article claiming residents of a Tribeca apartment building are furious over being secretly photographed by artist Arne Svenson whose exhibition now runs at Julie Saul Gallery. The images are actually pretty good and in no way show any faces but how would you feel being photographed secretly day in and day out?


via Julie Saul Gallery

Arne Svenson’s Photographs Create Privacy Uproar