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NPR reporter and National Deputy Editor Uri Beriner wades in ankle deep (online) to invest in painting and give us a report about his purchase. The good news is he found something he liked. The bad news is if he was actually going to buy something for an “investment” he should of gone through a local gallery and worked with a pro to find a work of art that might actually be a good investment (or at least by an artist collected by major collectors or museums – preferably both).  The perils of online art purchases and not working with a pro…

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I check in with Price one last time after making my online purchase. Not a bad choice, she says, especially because it’s painted in the style of the impressionists; they’re always popular. But she offers a caveat: “It’s unlikely you’d be able to turn around and sell it tomorrow. This is an emerging artist. This is an artist who is not brand name. That again goes to perhaps there being some difficulty in reselling the work.”