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James Casebere has always been on the forefront of what is called constructed photography. Meaning, in his case, the images are made from architectural models the artist makes and then photographs in his studio. Think of it as sculpture that only exists as a two-dimensional photographic image.  Casebere is obsessed with empty spaces and the uncanny power they communicate. He is the Hitchcock of uninhabited interiors. For 30 years he has produced monumental haunting imagery based on small table top forms.



 “His work was associated with the “Pictures Generation” of  “post-modern” artists who emerged in the 1980’s, which included Cindy Sherman, Robert Longo, Laurie Simmons, Richard Prince, Matt Mullican, James Welling, Barbara Kruger, and others. For the last thirty years Casebere has consistently devised increasingly complex models and photographed them in his studio. Based solidly on an understanding of architecture as well as art historical and cinematic sources, Casebere’s abandoned spaces are hauntingly evocative.  His table-sized constructions are made of simple materials, pared down to essential forms”.


via the artists web site


The Constructed Photographs of James Casebere