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Stephen Daiter Gallery offers fine and vintage examples of important American and European photography from the 20th century. Our areas of specialty are avant garde, experimental, documentary and photojournalism. They include the Chicago School of Design, the Bauhaus, the Photo League, and the André Kertész Estate. Our exhibitions and publications have been by turns interesting, challenging, and controversial. Our publications have stressed fine printing and original scholarship and we delight in bringing art and artists to light that have been heretofore overlooked or unknown.

Daiter Contemporary presents recent work by young, as well as established mid-career artists. These artists reflect the ever changing ideas and looks of contemporary photography and push the rules of how photos are made as well as how they are looked at. Within a separate yet conjoined space Daiter Contemporary maintains a concurrent exhibition schedule alongside that of Stephen Daiter Gallery. Our joint goal is to present the viewing public an opportunity to enjoy the diverse range of photographic art that we represent.

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