The Photographs of Myoung Ho Lee

January 29, 2014 — Leave a comment

Nice series of tree portraits by Myoung Ho Lee from 2009. Myoung builds a huge white background behind some pretty big trees.  Any photographer who has tried this knows a small puff of wind can tear your shoot to pieces.. This is not easy and the artist needs a big crew (and a crane) to pull it off… but the results are really wonderful.


“Myoung Ho Lee photographs solitary trees framed against white canvas backdrops in the middle of natural landscapes. To install the large canvases, which span approximately 60 by 45 feet, the artist enlists a production crew and heavy cranes. Minor components of the canvas support system, such as ropes or bars, are later removed from the photograph through minimal digital retouching, creating the illusion that the backdrop is floating behind the tree.”