Peter Beard Interview

December 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

Peter Beard has spent his life fighting for the natural world.  He knows more about the effects of man on nature than just about any other human being alive. (except for maybe George Monbiot , Jane Poynter or Bernie Krause ) He also just happens to be one of the great image-makers of all time. (His notebooks are legendary).  Great interviews; one short and one long by Lars Bruun and Dereck Peck. Spend 30 min with a real genius and true warrior.

On Mankind: “…(Da Vinci) knew that only the creature that could appreciate all this beauty comes on the scene and sure enough, destroys what only what he can appreciate…”

On learning from the elephants: “…The entire ecology of the elephant is more similar to us than any other animal. What have they done to their habitat? They ate it, they trampled it, they died. You would think we would take a hint from their demise… “