Why Hire a Pro Photographer?

May 24, 2013 — Leave a comment

Unless you actually were busy shooting or live under a rock you might of heard that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer thinks we don’t need pro photographers anymore.

Best comeback in defense of all pro’s:

If we don’t need pro photographers because everyone has a camera on their phone then we obviously don’t need professional chefs anymore because of the infinite availability of bowls and spoons.

Top reasons you need a pro:

  • It takes about 10 years of training to really know how to shoot and light many different kinds of products and subjects.
  • Pro’s actually use very expensive lighting and know how to shape it. (If you don’t know what that means you already are using the wrong person…)
  • Pro’s have a vast arsenal of lens and cameras to make sure the image is the right image for the project. Believe it or not the “everything in focus look” the iPhone provides are really bad for most advertising shots. Why? There is no separation of subject and background.
  • Pros don’t teach themselves on the Internet. Most learned via the Master & Pupil method in the actual world:  which means they assisted for years with seasoned pros who taught them their craft.
  • Pros know how to manipulate the way you look at an image. Which means they can bring attentions to what needs to be noticed and diminish the background visual noise.
  • Pro’s know how the language of photography can be used to help you get your message out clearly.
  • Pro’s know how to take a drawing of an idea and make it a reality.
  • Pro’s understand conceptually how a photograph communicates your ideas best. It is with this knowledge that a pro can help you separate your company from the pack.

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