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Both Chuck Close and Kiki Smith are making tapestries with the help of Magnolia Editions.  While Close’s look mostly like pixelated, textured photographs, Kiki Smith’s “wall rugs” are really incredible. Below are three from 2012 as well as one I captured from the 2014 Pace show here.

Kiki-Underground-Final Kiki-Sky-Final Kiki-Earth-FinalKiki-tapestrieser



Magnolia Editions Tapestries

Is protest an art form? It is today on this blog…

How America came to be and what every government actually fears – We the People – This is one brave bunch who will humble and move you. Check out their face book page for a reality check

Ukraine Protests 2014

Red Epic Dragon Footage

February 16, 2014 — Leave a comment

The Freefly Systems folks went out with a state of the art 6K Red Epic Dragon camera attached to a CineStar 8 and got some really nice winter footage.  The Canon shift lens gives it the out of focus / small scale look. This is a very expensive camera to put on a rig like this. ( All drones fall out of the sky on a regular basis FYI).  (If their insurance company knew they would probably discontinue their coverage…LOL) Watch it in HD on big monitor.

Red Epic Dragon
Canon TS-E 24mm F/3.5L Tilt Shift Lens
Leica 50mm F/2 Summicron Lens
Leica 90mm F/2 Summicron Lens

CineStar 8
Synapse Flight Controller
MōVI MR stabilized camera gimbal

SmallHD AC7 monitors
Paralinx Tomahawk

via Freefly Systems

Red Epic Dragon Footage

According to this NY Times article on Facebook privacy changes :

If you follow this link in the article it will take you to the page where you can opt out of Facebook using your photos for their advertising profits. Please do this if you have not already as major corporations using your photos should PAY YOU for the rights – Dang Nab It!

This message was brought to you by the Cranky and Riled, American Photographers Association (or CRAPA for short).   😉

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 8.47.18 PM


Don’t Let Facebook Use Your Photos For Their Advertising…

The very experienced and creative folks at SY/Partners are the best in the biz. They have a lot of experience helping business, individuals and corporations transform their client’s visions, organizations and individuals to become great at what they do. (They transformed the Starbucks brand from the bottom up…)

Their app for helping creatives get Unstuck was built on 20 years of experience and awarded one of the best apps of 2012. Their new app for helping teams is called Teamworks.

Keith Yamashita of SY/Partners shares his thoughts on what are the three habits of every great team and brings you into a highly functional corporate environment that specializes in helping folks See.  They know what they are doing. Spend some time and change your life (or your business).




What are the Three Habits of Every Great Team?